Galaxy Mermaid (Re Uploaded)
Anne pogoda galaxy mermaid web

I settled with this composition - the original one was tilted sideways.

Anne pogoda galaxy mermaid quer

I can't embed FB videos here so you'll have to use this link to watch it:

Anne pogoda galaxymermaid drawing2


Galaxy Mermaid (Re Uploaded)

Yeah so yesterday I thought "I feel like sorting my Artstation albums".... and while being in one such album, I mistakenly thought there was a quick way to delete an artwork from -just an album- alone... but in fact, it deletes it from the entire gallery. T_T

I lost two submissions this way which I had no intent to remove from my gallery, so now I have to dig stuff up and upload it again. :/
Would be happy if those guys of you who had this in their favorites before, would simply add it again. <3

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