Lilyanna (New Figurine Project Concept Art, Updates Coming)
Anne pogoda anne pogoda lily v3 web

Parade Uniform + Gear Small Update

Anne pogoda lily shoe sheet web

Added: Modelsheet for her shoes. Trevor wanted something with a lot of detail (because he loves sculpting shoes= so I gave him just that. XD

Anne pogoda anne pogoda lily v3 web nogear

Parade Uniform No Gear Small Update

Anne pogoda anne pogoda lily face c web sharp2

Face Updated; Slimmer bonestructure

Anne pogoda maika lily2 web

I commissioned several artists to make portraits of Lilyanna for me. The first one was Maika Sozo <3 Her inspiring work and golden attitude helped me a lot to get a good feeling for Lily.

Lilyanna (New Figurine Project Concept Art, Updates Coming)

Update: Refined uniform/ added shoes
The fact that it takes Frictional forever to release new games - and therefore I cannot show any of the work I have done within recent years - means a huge gap in my portfolio, and therefore a portfolio that does not really represent my current skillset and actual interests.

But I am here to change that! What I really want to do - and what I was fortunate enough to do as a concept artist - is art about subjects that you find in horror- and action games (can't be much more specific right now for obvious reasons XD).

Anyways. When time permitted, I have been working on my own project, a story universe set in a fictional 1915 - and the world burns in flames as the nations wage their war. I might only say now, that I have one nation that is a little bit of a "wild card" and their uniforms can pretty much anything I want. Since Lilyanna is also Trevors and my next chosen figurine project, I pimped up her parade uniform a little.

More artwork
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