Amnesia Rebirth Props: Camera, Theodolite
Amnesia Rebirth Props: Camera, Theodolite

Those two props actually share the same suitcase - you can find them in the very beginning of the game. ;)
(Not all of these lign up exactly since there were different drawings made. I only published my fav ones.)
And here is some general information:
After 5 years of hard work, Amnesia Rebirth finally got released and it is almost surreal to be able to finally share my work now. :)
I did a huge amount of different props, characters, and illustrations for this game. To avoid spoilers I will start by posting some of my smaller props.
These were done a couple of years ago, before using 3D became common for prop design at this company, so they are hand-drawn. They were a lot of fun to make. ^_^

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