MGSV "Quiet" Boss parody
Anne pogoda metal gear solid v big quiet boss xd by zombiesandwich d6lio0e

Quiet Boss

Anne pogoda team naked by zombiesandwich d99kfjs

Team Naked

Anne pogoda the big quiet boss by anubisdhl dah2o5j

Since a lot of people are sharing this around again without giving proper credit, I am feeling forced to update this post with the text being slammed over it like that. Guys; Exposure doesn't help the artist when their name isn't even mentioned!!

MGSV "Quiet" Boss parody

I gave Big Boss Quiet's outfit. Parody I made sometime last year. ^_^

Update: I am fine with people sharing this. I am not fine with people removing my signature. "Exposure" only helps us artists when our names are being properly stated!

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