10 Years Of Portraits (I made Too Many Of Them XD)
Anne pogoda evie

Evie - Original Character- 2017 -

Anne pogoda too sweet gothic girl by azurelle

Sweet Gothic Girl - 2007

Anne pogoda alice by azurelle

Alice - 2008

Anne pogoda fashion diva by azurelle

Fashion Diva for Olivier Ponsonnet - 2009

Anne pogoda fashionvictim

Fashion Victim - Repainted 2010

Anne pogoda 10410103 968121409885324 6502904935909913905 n

Quick GoT Study ~ 2015

Anne pogoda tracer overwatch by zombiesandwich da3ikyj

Tracer - venturing into semi realistic anime - 2016

10 Years Of Portraits (I made Too Many Of Them XD)

Standfirst: The first lady is from a personal project of mine, and there are a lot of "how to" painting videos using her as an example in my Absolute Beginners workshop. :) I am also really happy to mention that it was selected for the Spectrum: Celebrating Diversity gallery show in Los Angeles, happening this summer. <3

General thoughts:
This is some sort of a recap since I am currently working on a lot of new stuff that has nothing to do with portraits... of... cute girls. XD
This means the era of portraits is once again coming to an end for me. (With one "final" post still waiting in the backlog).
Painting portraits used to be my favorite thing to do, but as you can see, I had times when I painted a lot and at other times I was "oversaturated" and painted none at all.
Since I already posted a lot of portraits here, I was seeking to post examples of work that hasn't been a part of these galleries yet.

More artwork
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