Makoko, figurine project for Leipzig Bookfair
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Makoko 3D Figurine (ZBrush)

Darktown art maco heropose logo on

My concept of the hero pose

Darktown art maco concept on

T Pose conceptart

Darktown art maco rough 1 on

ZBrush, first pass by Lukavi with notes added by me

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Z Brush corrections done by Lukavi

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Real life figurine with golden paint job done by me

Makoko, figurine project for Leipzig Bookfair

In 2017 Leipzig Bookfair, who runs the biggest Anime and Manga convention in Germany (the Manga Comiccon), which happens during the Leipzig bookfair (Leipziger Buchmesse) commissioned Trevor (Lukavi) and me to create a physical statuette of their mascot Makoko.
The mascot was handed out to the winners of the cosplay contests in 2017 and 2018.
The job also included logo design and a figurine paint job.

More artwork
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