Instagram Challenges: Loishredraw And Others (Will Be Updated)

Anne pogoda nima insta b

NIMA for Ross Tran #nimaredraw

Darktown art elentori

Elentori's Challenge

Darktown art elentori2

#Drawthisinyourstyle - Elentori's challenge

Anne pogoda draw jacqueline

My submission for jacquelindeleon - more of this on my Insta.

Anne pogoda 01 loish style web b

Finished artwork (did my best to convey her landmarks such as huge eyes and heart shaped head)

Anne pogoda 01 loish wip

Me working on the Loish's #drawthisinyourstyle challenge

Anne pogoda 01 lois ref

The amazing drawing that Loish gave to the community for the challenge

Loish Redraw Process Video