Assassin's Creed: Tourist
Anne pogoda tower rework

I greatly enjoyed flying around with Senu and creating my own

Anne pogoda 00 lighthouse steps

I actually finished this one last year but forgot to post it. XD

Anne pogoda 01 pyramid wip09 fin

Tourist me visiting the pyramids

Anne pogoda 01 pyeramid making of

Working steps

Fun little video showing my Camel / Andromedar studies

Assassin's Creed: Tourist

(Please avoid spoilers I haven't finished Origins yet.
Thanks! :) )

A little fun project of mine: pretending to be a tourist and look for interesting ways to portray this game's fantastic nature and landmarks such as the pyramids. I also went to the lighthouse of Alexandria in "tourist mode", but the painting turned out quite ambitious, so it has to wait until next week. ;)

More artwork
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