Amnesia Rebirth Props: Various Furniture Lamps
Amnesia Rebirth Props: Various Furniture Lamps

After 5 years of hard work, Amnesia Rebirth finally got released and it is almost surreal to be able to finally share my work now. :)
I did a huge amount of different props, characters, and illustrations for this game. To avoid spoilers I will start by posting some of my smaller props.
Rule of thumb: If it emits light, it was probably made by me. This means I quite certainly also designed each and every candle - unless they added some more of which I am unaware of, LOL - I decided not to add them since I figured they would be a bit boring. So I went for my favorite lamb designs instead.
(I think not all of these made it into the game.)
These were done a couple of years ago, before using 3D became common for prop design at this company.

More artwork
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